We custom build intuitive, end-to-end security solutions that get rid of new waves of potential threat to ensure your sense of security is well guarded, taking responsibility off your shoulders, while allowing you to focus on your business.

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The Right Security System for you

From intelligent video surveillance, access control and identity management to intrusion detection and perimeter protection, with industrial command and control center technology – we have the right security solution which can be configured to meet specific requirements depending on the needs of the individual client or for a particular site or type of industry.

Electronic Surveillance

The electronic eye, has a host of benefits that allow you to be in several places all at once. From Defence, R&D centres, Mining companies and Corporate enterprises, to Educational institutions and the Hospitality Sector, all have had a successful, safe run with our custom, electronic surveillance solutions.

Customised Access Control & Time and Attendance Solutions

Whether your workforce is your most valuable asset or the most expensive, depends on how well you manage it. The variety of systems that we offer to track attendance requirements and integrate your processes, come with easy-to-use features, reliable technology and comprehensive services, that work for you.

Gating Solutions

Manage employee and motor movement better with pedestrian and vehicle barriers. Access is strictly reserved for visitors and exclusively for your employees. Up your organization’s security by using pedestrian barriers at access doors, vehicle barriers at building entrances and at other strategic points. Combining our solutions with fire detection systems help in quicker evacuation during emergencies.

Baggage Scanners and Explosives Detection

When dealing with a multitude of threats in real time, corporates across the world need security solutions that detect banned articles and explosives exclusively at the point of entry. VELAN IT plays a critical role in designing solutions with X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems, Explosive Vapour Detectors, Door Frame Metal Detectors and Handheld Metal Detectors which increase employee safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

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IT Infrastructure

From hardware infrastructure to database, middleware, application, and cloud environments, get end-to-end, unfragmented monitoring, controls, and reporting, with VELAN IT.

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