Integrated Technology Solutions for Redefined Workspaces

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition along with EBT (Elevated Temperature Monitoring) is critical for the implementation of the new protocols of the COVID-19. Contactless attendance and validating the personnel is the need of the day. Our Solution can work standalone in rough environments and in low light conditions. Temperature scanner integrated is an added advantage to record the temperature of the personnel using the device, adding another level of safety. Facial Recognition based Access Control Systems could potentially be an ideal solution as a replacement for biometric, especially where a contactless access is preferred.

Thermal Camera & Analytics for Temperature Screening
Thermal Camera for Temperature Screening is gaining popularity in the security space. Thermal Radiometry is a proven technology for more than a decade in measuring EBT (Elevated Body Temperature). This solution is for organizations that want to measure the body temperature of their personnel. The camera comes with enterprise software for all required reporting. Analytic based compliance solution includes Analytics for Social Distancing, Mask Detection, Fallen Person and Occupancy Report. These analytics can use your existing infrastructure of IP cameras provided that are non-proprietary in nature.

Points to consider while selecting a Thermal Camera
It would be ideal for the thermal cameras to have an optical sensor integrated with the same device to recognize the person. There are a few manufacturers who have specifically developed products for fever detection and these cameras have a temperature reading of 30 to 45 -degrees Celsius. However, we do not recommend these as they are of no use once the pandemic is over.

Ideally, the camera should have the capability to set a temperature threshold and any temperature variation above the threshold, the camera should have an integrated speaker for raising an alarm. Thermal cameras have multiple applications like perimeter protection, monitoring the health status of solar panels, monitoring the temperature of DG sets or power grids, etc. These cameras should have higher temperature reading capabilities. After the pandemic phase, the same cameras can be used for other applications. Therefore, ensuring that capital investment goes a long way to serving your organization.

Where to install Thermal Cameras? – the ideal conditions
The camera should be positioned at a location where the ambient temperature is with minimal variation. A complete outdoor environment can cause errors in reading due to the impact of the ambient temperature and this applies to all kinds of thermal cameras. To avoid false alarms, the person should not directly enter the field of view of the thermal camera after having been in an atmosphere under stray radiation like sunlight or heater or air condition or using a helmet for a considerable duration.

Key features of our MOBOTIX solution                                                                                                                  Mobotix M16 Thermal is a dual sensor camera with one optical and another thermal. This particular device has the capabilities of sending an email with the snap shots of the alarm to designated email ids when connected to the network. The cameras are NDAA complaint and Mobotix provides a lot of importance to cyber security and holds multiple certifications in this area.

Mobotix is an IoT device and this enables the user to integrate the thermal camera to the other holistic applications such as campus or facilities management applications. Mobotix is open to sharing the SDK and APIs of the device for further integration and extension.

COVID Analytics
COVID Analytics uses the camera to detect compliance and raise alerts to ensure safety at workplaces, commercial buildings, retails, apartments etc. The solution works both indoor and outdoor and is ideal for corporates, retail etc. Face-mask detection, Social Distancing, Crowd Detection, PPE Compliance and Heat-Map generation to understand crowd behavior are some of the systems that can be implemented.                                                                                                  

Visitor Management System – Self-check-in kiosk
Splan is a Web platform which allows the host to schedule a visitor and the visitor would be able to complete the check-in process at the lobby through the self-check-in kiosk. It is a user-friendly process, and the visitor need not have to come into  contact with any reception or security personnel. Self-check-in of the visitor platform is not only the need of the hour but also demonstrates the efficiency of the hosting organization. Splan has enterprise-level functions but it is light enough to function on simple tablets that the visitors can use to complete the check-in process.

Visitors can use their personal smartphones and complete the formalities of access by downloading and using the app, If they are apprehensive about touching devices considering the current pandemic. To avoid touch points, the application can scan QR codes of pre-registered visitors and populate the details to generate a visitor badge. The system integrates to the thermal camera for screening the temperature of the visitors ensuring an additional level of safety.

After the visit, the platform has the capabilities of automatically sending and receiving questionnaires to update the health status of the visitors and in case of any abnormalities, the host would be notified for further process. To efficiently manage the visitor flow to the organization, the platform supports the feature where a threshold can be set on the number of visitors to be accepted in a specified timeframe.

Screen for EBT, Mask and a dose of hand sanitizer integrated to Turnstile
Thermal sensor to screen for elevated body temperature and not allow access for personnel with a temperature above the threshold. Software analytics is used to identify if the personnel is wearing a mask or not. A mandatory dose of hand sanitization and only on completing the process, the turnstile grants access to the cardholders. Occupancy tracker if the organization intends to restrict the number of personnel in a building or floor. Integration of the facial recognition reader with temperature monitoring to any type of gating systems is also feasible.

This was an overview of our Integrated Technology Solutions for Redefined Workspaces and some technologies we are currently providing. Write to us at to learn more about these solutions and how they can improve your organization’s security and operational efficiency.

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