Our experience in building Control & Command Centers

Our experience in building Control and Command Centers

A Command-and-Control Center is a secure room that provides centralized monitoring and serves as the place for security and surveillance monitoring for organisations operating from an extensive infrastructure. It is the central nervous system of any security department or division. From this center, the security team can monitor the risks, address ongoing incidents, track system health and sustain operations across the business.

Control rooms are all unique and require special design considerations to get them right. One has to invest the time to develop comprehensive design around the unique operational and workflow requirements of the client. Considering that the operators who work in the center make our business function, their comfort and productivity are critical. Hence, while designing the center, attention is required for choosing the right furniture, including consoles, seating systems, desktop layout, configurations, and adjustability. Besides, efforts are needed in designing and implementing the video walls and large scale screens.

We had the opportunity to set up two Command and Control Centers, one for a large Indian organisation in the manufacturing sector and the second one for a smart city project.

Polycab, India

Polycab India is in the business of manufacturing and selling wires, and cables with substantial volume for exports. The production units are spread over sixteen state of the art manufacturing plants situated over Halol in Gujarat.

Liking our approach towards the project and the technology we put forth for addressing the need, Polycab entrusted to us this prestigious project of setting up the Control and Command Center to stream CCTV footages from all plant locations to a central unit.

To meet the expectations of the customer, we had to do a lot of planning, focus on technology integration, and aim towards a smart design that included ergonomics. We had to extensive planning to ensure effective workflow, continuity of operations, and attention to even minute details. When designing the center, it was vital for us to include all the tech hardware, software, electrical and space needs to make the center working round the clock.

Smart City Project

An Indian Multinational company, as part of their CSR initiative, set up a full-fledged control and command center for the Telangana State Police. The client extensively designed and implemented a state of the art Command Center for monitoring the feeds from cameras and other devices. It was an excellent experience for us to be a part of the project and work along with some of the best brains in the industry.

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