Security Trends of 2020

Physical Security Technologies and protocols have gone through significant improvements over the years. These developments ensure not only more efficient security management but also good advancement in terms of performance, reduction of costs as well as the improved ease of maintenance.

Being a technology company, we would always like to be abreast with the technology to stay at the forefront of the latest in our industry, to be ahead of the curve and help our clients get the best of solutions.  We spare no expense when it comes to upgrading our technical expertise and skills. Attending technology events, expo and frequent training of our specialized resources have always been our priority. We have been part of several industry symposiums, and we also organize our seminars to bring together some of the best minds in the industry.

With the fast growth happening in the electronics and software industries, we have briefed hereunder our observations on the technology changes taking place in the physical security space and the industry vertical. To cite an example, when the pandemic started globally early 2020, the industry began looking at redefined workspace with solutions for temperature monitoring, social distancing and touchless solutions to monitor people-movement within the workspace. The traditional Access Control System is getting replaced with IP Card Readers and Smartphone access.

Video Analytics

Over the years, video analytics has seen a fair share of criticism, though, in earlier days, accuracy and high false alarm rates brought doubt and uncertainty. But, things have changed now and more cameras offer various built-in analytics, and facial detection analytics have become more sophisticated over time.  Today, more end-users, especially those with larger and more complex environments, rely on analytics to make sense of what’s happening. Solutions are available for Automated License Plate Recognition, integration of IP-based PA Systems to cameras, tripwire analytics for effectively monitoring the intrusion at the perimeter and due to the COVID – 19 situation, analytics for monitoring social distancing has gained a lot of importance.

Facial Recognition

This particular technology is sometimes seen as invasive and something that requires careful management and policies. Suppose organisations develop solutions that offer a certain level of individual privacy by default, in that case, facial recognition systems can be quite useful in managing everything from access controls to policy enforcement and crowd monitoring.  Due to the current situation of COVID – 19, organisations are looking at replacing their biometric systems to avoid touchpoints. Devices which are non-proprietary and which can natively integrate to the client’s existing access control systems are preferred.

Visitor Management System

From the traditional Visitor Management Systems where usually the security guards make the entries,  the system has advanced so much that the present systems have provisions for a host of features. Some of the features include –  Self Check-in, Advanced Visitor Authentication, Touchless Check-in, Host Notifications, Pre-registration, E-Badge, Appointment Scheduling and Management, Health Declaration and various analytics. Solutions are available for multi-location and the setup time is very quick.  Constant improvement is underway based on insights from requirements gathered.

We are always enabling ourselves to learn more about the latest security technology, practices and trends thanks to our exposure, experience and partnerships. That way, you get the ideal solutions with the latest in technology at all times. If you want to learn more about the latest security trends, write to today.

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