Positive Environment

Creating a positive culture to attract talent, to enhance employee engagement, retention and satisfaction


Inclusive workplace

Valuing individual differences in the workforce and makes them feel welcome and accepted


Teamwork and Communication

Encouraging teamwork and open and honest communication through a democratic environment welcoming new ideas and suggestions.


Goals and Rewards

Engaging and motivating employees, transparent policy for progression and promotion through a competency-based performance management system


Open organisation

A flat hierarchy with organised avenues for grievance redressal




Transparent Compensation

Simple and Structured Compensation


Goals & Rewards

Engaging and motivating employees, transparent policy for progression and promotion through a competency-based performance management.


Financial Assistance

Monetary support for job-related education


Leave Policy

Leave benefits at par with the industry


Other Benefits

Social security benefits, Health Benefits and Insurance

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Projects & Support Engineer

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“What struck me the most as an exciting aspect of work and life at VELAN IT is the opportunity to learn and grow. Exposure to industry practices and the training exceeded my expectations. I like the fact that even sales executives are being given sufficient exposure to the technologies we work with. The leadership team encourages cross-pollination of ideas between teams and follows an efficient management structure when it comes to project management and execution. Significantly few companies recognize the individual contribution along with the impact of good teamwork. VELAN IT is one such firm, and I’m proud to be part of it."

Mahesh Shettigar

Sales Account Manager

“I’m impressed with the way the organization carefully chooses the accounts & clients we pursue while using our credentials and experience first to establish trust with the clients. VELAN IT does a great job of articulating its impact in the industry well before a future project. This puts us in a better position as sales executives. One of our sales objectives is to communicate the fact that we’re the trusted partners for industry leaders in many sectors. The several team-building exercises, group training & workshops help the performance of our teams and has significantly helped me understand and evaluate my contributions."

Srinivasan R

Sales Account Manager

“Five years have gone by since I joined VELAN IT. The people I have met, the experiences and exposure that I have gained has helped in my personal and professional growth. I am thankful to everyone who helped me in this journey and continue to support my efforts in improving myself as well as the impact of VELAN IT in our industry. What I like the most is the collaborative nature of the individuals and teams as well as the guidance of our management. I firmly believe that VELAN IT is a fantastic place for anyone looking to build a career in the Security Solutions industry. "

Muthusamy M

Senior Project and Support Engineer

“My experience with the company and my journey with them in the last two years has helped me understand the intricacies of the work in the Security Solutions Industry. Our managing director, Mr.Sriram Raman, has been instrumental in mentoring and guiding me to build a vision beyond everyday work into something far more significant for the company and me. I’m grateful to be part of this organization and look forward to contributing to several years of growth of the company. From an operational perspective, we are quick to adopt new technologies, and the company ensures thorough technical training for all of us here. I’m genuinely impressed VELAN IT as the leadership understands that its growth depends significantly on the professional improvement of its employees. "

Balaji VN

Senior Sales Coordinator