E-Commerce Corporate

  • 11 November 2020

One of the largest E-Commerce platforms in India, having global operations.

The company has a vast network spread over the country to meet the demand and has warehouses and delivery centers across the states, including the remote corners like North-eastern India.

Our business relationship with the client, started in a small way in the beginning, has now grown substantially over the years.  The volume of our business has exponentially grown and keeps growing as we have met their tight timelines for the execution of the projects and extension of support.

The solutions we have provided include Pedestrian Access, CCTV and Intrusion-detection Systems for their Corporate Office, Warehouses and Delivery Centres.  These projects were implemented within a short turnaround time given the client’s requirement for quick implementation of safe

Protocols, processes, and infrastructure. This was due to our quick understanding of the client’s expectations about the capacity and infrastructure of the warehouses and delivery centers. Our team used the best of our skills and resources to offer them an effective and customized solution while reducing the time required for such an implementation.

Needless to say that the client’s appreciation of our execution of this project and the timeline maintained for completion has helped us strengthen our relationship with them. This has further resulted in ongoing work and continuing consultation and projects for the company’s expansions.

In a scenario, where global enterprises are evolving and adopting the latest technologies to produce better business outcomes, VELAN IT is geared to help by supporting these organizations implement a safe work environment, effective work-spaces and secure warehouses. With our unique ability to facilitate highly sought after transformations by modernizing and integrating the existing mainstream IT infrastructure and deploying solutions at scale, VELAN IT is helping large scale e-commerce and logistics companies meet their evolving operational objectives and business outcomes.

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