Indian Multinational IT Company

  • 11 November 2020

It is our pride to be working with some of the country’s leading technology companies. This client is a leading Indian multinational corporation that provides Information Technology, Consulting and Business Process Services, with its Corporate Office in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

A formidable company with a rich legacy and a striking vision for the future. This particular client is one of the most privileged customers for VELAN IT and it is our pleasure to serve this Multinational concern. We are associated with them for over five years and continue to serve them for their security infrastructure needs. What started as an effort to provide CCTV solution has blossomed into an ongoing relationship. We have enabled a comprehensive digital transformation of this enterprise and provide complete IT & Security infrastructure for them.

We were elated to work with this client since they gave us the autonomy to suggest the ideal technologies and various hardware options for executing their project. This meant that we could go all out in offering them the best without compromises. One of the things that help us extend the best of service and support to this client is that we were engaged at the conceptualization-stage, very early in the decision making cycle for their project. This has given us a far detailed view and understanding of their requirements and how their systems are built, which in turn enables us to deliver services that far exceed their expectations.

VELAN IT continues to serve this client providing High end CCTV Solutions and Gating solutions. We have successfully installed 3000+ high-end CCTV cameras till date. This also includes migration from analog to IP surveillance along with the setting up of a Command Center.

We must point out that the uniqueness of the work for this client was that we helped them identify the right solutions at each step and also helped successfully integrate these solutions with their existing set-up.

We have also established a Pan-India support for all of their locations with dedicated resident engineers at multiple locations to ensure that all the system are up and running with least downtime. VELAN IT is always their preferred partner when it comes to any security related requirements; something that makes us really proud of our relationship with them.

In a time when global enterprises are making the shift to advanced technologies and solutions to produce better business outcomes, VELAN IT’s ability to provide the necessary transformations by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT and deploying solutions at scale to help become future-ready is something that this client and many like them prefer and welcome.

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