A webinar on the importance of CCTV footage Audit

Any organization which is serious about security needs to constantly audit their footages from CCTV to identify vulnerabilities and threats. VELAN IT, in association with a leading software company specializing in a tool that enables organizations to audit their footages within the least amount of time, is organizing a webinar shortly. During this webinar, the panelists would share their views on the importance of CCTV footage audits and success stories. If you are serious about your surveillance capabilities, this is a webinar you shouldn’t miss. The date of this event would be announced shortly.

To pre-register for this event, please write to balaji.vn@velan.asia.

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To be Announced Shortly


To be Announced Shortly



The core benefits of CCTV Audit


When an organisation effectively implements CCTV Audit as a process, they directly improve the security standards as any vulnerabilities can be immediately identified and corrective action can be initiated. Security Heads define policies for effectively managing the properties but such policies can be challenged when the ground force deviates from the responsibilities. When a large volume of data can be audited in a matter of a few minutes, the organization would be able to view the critical incidents and initiate the required corrective action with no loss of time. This tool will facilitate the compliance audit with minimal time and this is a great benefit to the organisation. Many organisations invest substantially for maintaining back up of the CCTV data and such equipment could run into millions of dollars especially when the infrastructure is large. Using this tool, organisations can compress a huge amount of CCTV data and store it in reliable back up mechanisms within the least amount of investment.

If you would like to receive an invite close to the date of the event, please write to balaji.vn@velan.asia

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