Smart Cities

Many different areas in a city require specialized surveillance applications. They may include transport hubs, bus-rail interchanges, car parks, high-security buildings, warehouses, maintenance facilities and many other types of facilities. Provided below are some of the specialized applications

Smart City Applications

  • Identification and tracking of suspects/criminals even in a crowded and uncontrolled environment.
  • Detection of suspicious behaviors using many-to-many Face Recognition system.
  • Be able to link different events from a large number of cameras and to provide a full picture and event association for immediate actions.
  • Immediate alert for people who wear masks, helmets when entering specific areas (e.g. at money exchanges or near an ATM).
  • Recognition of suspicious activities determined by using a combination of video and audio recognition systems. Generate an alert for incidents like gunshots, serious car accidents and screaming sounds.
  • Surveillance system health checks to prevent camera tampering or sabotage.
  • Prevent hawkers, posting of advertisements, graffiti and vandalism.
  • Data collection before any construction and street planning activities.
  • Prevent overcrowding.
  • Detect slips and falls.
  • Smoke and fire detection for the outdoor environment.
  • Detect vehicle speeding.
  • Prevent illegal parking for all kinds of vehicles or specific vehicles.
  • Prevent vehicles that cross the line at the traffic lights when the light is red.
  • Automate the law enforcement and “fining” process for vehicles using License Plate Recognition system.

Network Backbone

VELAN IT is a master system integrator with expertise and execution capabilities in telecommunication and network arena which forms part of the Smart City infrastructure and operations.
  • Network connectivity for smart city – from WIFI Solutions to dedicated owned fiber optic cable and hybrid network for green field projects.
  • Customised offerings to comprehensively address unique requirements of varied Indian cities.
  • Successfully completed and commissioned City Surveillance projects in India.

Integrated Big Data

With the recent developments in Smart City technology, Big Data management and analysis is emerging as a critical tool for reporting, forecasting and providing city managers and planners with a powerful management tool. Velan IT is already at the forefront of this change with:
  • Ability to integrate big data into any other security system of the city.
  • Provide further intelligence for cities to forecast future requirements.
  • Plan and optimize their resources.
  • A dedicated team specially trained for this integration.
  • A proven track record of successful implementation.